Micro sistem stereo Hi-fi Denon RCD-M41DAB SILVER cu boxe Denon SC-M41, 2*30W, CD, BLUETOOTH, FM/DAB/DAB+

Micro sistem stereo Hi-fi Denon RCD-M41 Black  cu boxe Denon SC-M41

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  • Compact size Hi-Fi quality CD receiver True Hi-Fi sound from a surprisingly small cabinet
  • 2 x 30W output, plus pre-out socket for an active subwoofer Powerful and clean sound for small and mid-size rooms
  • New discrete analogue circuitry Enhanced audio performance
  • Simple & straight circuit design and Triple Noise Reduction Design (T.N.R.D.) Preserving audio signal purity
  • Bluetooth built-in Instant wireless streaming from smartphones and tablets
  • Bluetooth OFF mode for highest sound performance Disabling radio signal for pure sound
  • CD, FM/DAB/DAB+ and two optical digital inputs Plenty of playback options
  • 2 Line FL Display Easy to read radio station, music fi les tag, and setup navigation
  • New industrial design derived from fl agship NE series separates Modern touch, still resembling classic, high-quality HiFi components
  • High power output with newly designed full discrete
  • analogue amplifier circuit
  • Denon’s engineers have completely rethought the design, from the
  • styling and facilities right through to the audio circuitry, to offer
  • even more performance and value. The new amplifier circuit delivers
  • 2x30W, so the RCD-M41DAB has more than enough power
  • to drive either the matching SC-M41 speakers or other popular
  • choices (the CD receiver can be bought separately), and there’s
  • also a dedicated headphone amplifier section for personal listening.
  • Simple & Straight circuit design for sound purity
  • Denon’s popular M series gives you high sound quality based on
  • the “simple & straight” concept. Circuitry is uncomplicated, signal
  • paths are short, and all adverse influences on sound quality have
  • been minimised. The circuit design and the way the chassis is built
  • ensure that the sound you hear is utterly faithful to the original
  • performance.
  • Triple Noise Reduction Design (T.N.R.D.) to preserve
  • signal purity
  • In an audio component where various circuits, boards, and wire
  • layouts can influence each other, it is not possible to obtain satisfying
  • specifications or sound simply by strengthening the power amp
  • circuit. Denon has therefore eliminated three sources of noise to
  • ensure that the sound is as clean as possible. Distortion from the
  • input selector, electronic volume and power amp has been suppressed
  • to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and produce an even
  • smoother, dramatic sound.
  • Bluetooth for instant wireless streaming from smartphones
  • and tablets
  • Bluetooth is integrated to allow instant wireless connectivity with
  • smartphones, tablets and computers, as part of a package of input
  • choices designed to offer optimal flexibility. The Bluetooth circuitry
  • has been designed complete with an on/off selector, offering convenient
  • wireless connection when required, plus enhanced sound
  • from the other sources like CD, DAB/DAB+, FM or digital in when
  • it’s not in use.
  • Enjoy premium sound in your home office, bedroom, or any
  • other room
  • The compact size of 210mm width and just 310mm depth (plus
  • speakers) allows for an easy setup of the D-M41DAB on a bookshelf,
  • in a bedroom or in the home office. With several colour combinations,
  • it easily blends into your lifestyle, delivering impeccable performance
  • at the same time.
  • New cosmetic design
  • The style of the RCD-M41DAB has been updated and refined, echoing
  • the industrial design of Denon’s flagship New Era Hi-Fi separates
  • like the award-winning PMA-2500NE/DCD-2500NE or PMA-1600NE/
  • DCD-1600NE amplifiers and CD Players.
  • Best matching Denon SC-M41 speaker system
  • These speakers have been designed with Denon Hi-Fi craftsmanship
  • and European Sound engineering. For best performance, a
  • high quality 12 cm woofer / midrange chassis has been combined
  • with a high definition tweeter and a crossover network with selected
  • components to reproduces the smoothness of natural sound.
  • Technical information
  • D-M41DAB
  • Power output 30 W+30 W (6 ohms, 1 kHz)
  • Input / Output Terminal 1 set of analogue inputs
  • 2 sets of digital inputs (optical)
  • MONO output for subwoofer
  • Headphone
  • Function Tone control (Bass, Treble)
  • SDB (Super Dynamic Bass)
  • Source direct function
  • Timer (once, everyday, sleep)
  • CD playback repeat, random mode
  • Tuner DAB Band III 174 MHz – 240 MHz
  • FM 87.50 MHz – 108.00 MHz
  • Presets x 40
  • RDS
  • Radio text
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible Bluetooth
  • Profiles
  • Supported Codecs AAC/SBC
  • Multi-pairing 8
  • General
  • Power supply AC 230 V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption 70 W (Standby: 0.3 W)
  • Colours Black, Premium Silver
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 210 x 115 x 309 mm
  • Weight 4.0 kg
  • SC-M41
  • Type 2 way speaker
  • Drivers 120 mm woofer, 25 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Frequency response 45 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Max power 60 W (IEC) 120W (PEAK)
  • Impedance 6 ohms
  • Colours Black, Cherry Wood
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 145 x 238 x 234 mm
  • Weight 4.2 kg
  • Single unit with DAB
  • Black RCDM41DABBKEK 4951035061121
  • Premium Silver RCDM41DABSPEK 4951035061138
  • Single speaker
  • Black SCM41BKEM 4951035061848
  • Cherry Wood SCM41CWEM 4951035061855
  • System with DAB
  • Premium Silver / Black D-M41DABSPBKEK 4951035061213
  • Premium Silver /
  • Cherry Wood
  • D-M41DABSPCWEK 4951035061220
  • Black / Black D-M41DABBKBKEK 4951035061206

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Micro sistem stereo Hi-fi Denon RCD-M41DAB SILVER cu boxe Denon SC-M41, 2*30W, CD, BLUETOOTH, FM/DAB/DAB+

Micro sistem stereo Hi-fi Denon RCD-M41 Black  cu boxe Denon SC-M41

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