Boxe de podea Dynavoice Magic F-7 EX v.3 Black - pereche

Boxe de podea Dynavoice Magic F7 EX v.3 Black - pereche

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Dynavoice Magic F-7 EX v.3 Black
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  • Boxe Dynavoice Magic F7 EX Black, boxe de podea - pereche
  • Specificatii
  • Culoare     Negru
  • Constructie     3 Cai, Bas Reflex (3 spate)
  • Tweeter     1 x 25mm  Super Audio
  • Medii     1 x 135mm
  • Bas     2 x 165mm
  • Raspuns in Frecventa     33Hz - 32kHz (-6dB)
  • Impedanta     4 ohm
  • Eficienta     92 dB
  • Putere dinamica / continua     150W / 110W
  • Dimensiuni Incinta (IxLxA) mm     1082 x 199 x 291
  • Greutate Incinta     17 kg
  • The new series Dynavoice Magic EX v.3, the best price / performance ratio for you!
  • Dynavoice Magic F6 EX has long been our bestseller. Now we have given it a bigger brother that we actually believe will become even more popular. It is higher, grander and better looking. It is equipped with a 5.25midrange driver for really good voice reproduction and dual 6.5subwoofers for a deep and fast bass response with the resources to play with intensity.
  • Dynavoice Magic series has long been our bestseller thanks to a unique price / performance ratio that no other speakers proven. When the more special EX models came, it became even that more improvements added. Nowadays Magic EX series are not only Dynavoice's most popular series, but has also become the largest series, with most models in the program, that allows you to combine your home theater speaker system as you wish. The possibilities are huge!
  • Sound character in Magic series is designed to be very easy listening, but with a focus on hi-fi sound. All speakers in the series have exactly the same Super Audio treble for the best sound matching, so no matter what speakers you choose to combine, they fit together and provide you with a seamless listening experience.
  • Dynavoice Magic EX Series (Version 3) will be available in two stylish finishes - Black & White. Both have a slight texture, making your new speakers fit into any room and you will be able to have them long, without that they become outdated. Or why not to combine black front speakers and center, that match your flat black screen TV and discrete flat white surround speakers on your white walls? The choice is yours, as always, with Dynavoice ...

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Boxe de podea Dynavoice Magic F-7 EX v.3 Black - pereche

Boxe de podea Dynavoice Magic F7 EX v.3 Black - pereche

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